A good shareholders’ agreement is important in estate planning

A proper Shareholders’ Agreement will govern how important business decisions are made, how the company will raise further capital in the future and how the investors will ultimately exit – all crucial matters about which there should be clear agreement in advance.

Tools for Estate Planning

We trust you are all safe and well. You may be interested to know that I tested for the Covid19 and the result was negative.  The experience was ok, you can answer our Premier’s call to get tested! I went to the testing centre at Macquarie Park myself and as I tested negative, everyone at … Continue reading “Tools for Estate Planning”

Estate Planning

At the time of writing, we were having the Covid-19 Easter long weekend of self-isolation. In our many years in Epping assisting individuals and families with their estate planning, we have found that most people think of doing a will and nothing else.  We now live in a complex interconnected world, when you see a … Continue reading “Estate Planning”

Power of Attorney

As an attorney you have certain duties imposed on you by the operation of law that require you to act in the best interest of the person who appointed you. Under an enduring power of attorney, your appointment continues even if the principal (person who appointed you) has lost mental capacity.  For example, if they … Continue reading “Power of Attorney”


Wills prepared by a lawyer may include a testamentary trust that protects your assets and supports your vulnerable beneficiary. The short, simple wills do not have these solutions.  In my experience, the standard form wills often leave your estate and beneficiaries exposed to predators and creditors. Here is a brief explanation so you understand the … Continue reading “Wills”

Testamentary Trust solves Australian capital gains tax issue

Have you thought about the capital gains tax implications of your will?   Maybe not.  It is not something we ordinarily come across in our day or in conversation. However, capital gains tax should be an estate planning consideration. Your will should be drafted to protect your beneficiaries from paying this tax on inheriting assets you … Continue reading “Testamentary Trust solves Australian capital gains tax issue”

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